Your food truck is already
in everyone's smartphone.

A food truck

Create an online showcase of your items and Slurpanize will take care of your customers, managing the orders in an easy and safe way for them and for you.
You just have to welcome them at your best.

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Your customers can reach you via a link or a QR Code

Display the QR Code at the entrance of your street food festival or on the side of your food truck. Your customers can join you in the apps they already use : they will create an order with a chatbot on Telegram or Facebook Messenger.

The user scans the QR Code to access your menu
The user orders from his smartphone

The user can order the dishes directly from his smartphone

Your customer will be able to access all the dishes offered by your fair or on your menu if you are a single truck: in any case you will no longer have to worry about handling money and having to juggle the crowd and the change, from this moment the payment and the order management will be electronic.

Manage your orders

Slurpanize provides you with an order management web portal. The orders that you will receive will already be the paid ones and you will not need dedicated apps or devices to manage orders, you can do it from your smartphone.

The user manages the orders through a web portal
The customer receives your updates

Update your customers of their order's status

Whenever you interact with an order, your customer will receive a notification that will update him on the status of his order, and will invite him to come to your truck when the order is almost ready.

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